5 Most Requested Handyman Services

January 5th, 2023
Arabian Ranches

Over the years, the systems and utilities in your property may require some form of maintenance or repair. Hence, knowing a reliable provider of handyman services has many benefits.

Handymen are equipped with various skills, but most of them usually specialize in a specific one. If you’re new to owning or renting a property, and you wish to know what services they can provide for you, here is a list of the most common handyman services requested by customers:


Electrical wiring

Electrical wiring and electrical maintenance in Dubai are often tricky and dangerous, especially if you’re not familiar with the work that needs to be done. To avoid accidents like electrical fires or electrocution, you will need to call on a handyman who specializes in electrical work. Aside from emergency repairs, they can also install repair outlets, switches, and other electrical fixtures necessary for your house.



Without proper knowledge and tools, plumbing jobs can turn into a mess. Plumbing is one of the most common works requested by customers since many of them are deterred by the inner works of a bathroom sink and toilet. Installing new faucet fixtures, re-piping, and unclogging toilets are some of the tasks handled by a regular handyman, while bigger and more complicated projects are often handled by more experienced plumbers in Dubai or those who have a plumber’s license.



While some homeowners prefer DIY painting, not everyone has the time or patience to do such detailed work. Hence, many property owners seek professional help to get the job done without delay. Working with professional painters also helps in making sure that all surfaces are covered evenly, and proper procedures are followed before and after paint application.



Those who have knowledge of facility management know that proper maintenance of the utilities and parts of the home, including flooring, is crucial in keeping the property in peak condition. It also requires the use of proper tools and installation techniques to ensure the quality of the work.


Emergency repairs

Emergency plumbing and other repair works are also very common. To ensure their safety and the quality of the work, many customers call professionals during emergencies, not only to fix the problem but also to prevent further damage.

If you need emergency repair services or need assistance with facility management, Tool Time LLC offers complete facility management solutions for corporate and residential environments. We have a team of experts whose knowledge and expertise ensure the effective maintenance of essential systems such as power, lighting, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, and water. Round-the-clock corrective and preventative maintenance services are controlled by our 24-hour helpdesk. This allows our team to respond to your maintenance and repair requirements as soon as possible.