7 Tips When Choosing A Cleaning Service Provider for your Property

April 18th, 2022
Property maintenance Dubai

Cleaning a property that you are using may be a lot simpler, but simple cleaning tasks become complex and challenging when you have several properties to manage. While there may be additional costs for building cleaning services in Dubai, it helps ensure that all properties are well-maintained and are ready to be occupied anytime. This is very helpful when you have more than one of property that you rent out to businesses or individuals. 


Ask for recommendations

Ask within your circle of friends or your colleagues if they can recommend FM companies in Dubai that offer reliable, yet affordable cleaning services. It may be a service provider that they have worked with in the past or a firm that they have read about from others who have used their services. Word of mouth is one of the most reliable sources of information, especially for local service providers.

Perform a background check

The cost of property maintenance Dubai is not something that property owners take lightly. Hence, make sure that the cleaning service provider you’re working with is reputable and has proven to previous clients that they get the job done without delay. Whether you’re looking from an online listing or following a recommendation, it’s best that you investigate their previous performance by looking at reviews/recommendations online or asking for references that you can reach out to.

Verify their license

When you invest in something, it is only right that you protect the property in any way possible. When hiring professional cleaning services or FM company Dubai, try to verify if the business has all the required licenses to operate legally in the area. Before booking an appointment or arranging payment methods, always check the legitimacy of the business to avoid scams and other issues that may arise from transacting with a business/individual who is not qualified for the work.

Consider Price Criteria

Property maintenance companies in Dubai have different methods of charging their customers for services rendered. Discuss all pricing options with the service provider first to determine which option works well with your budget and the required services. No matter how seemingly interesting the offer is, always consider whether you need those services.

Check the products they will be using

When possible, ask what kind of products your service provider will be using. This is crucial information, especially if you, a member of the family, or the occupant of the property is sensitive to certain chemicals. No matter how irrelevant it may be for others, service providers must be able to provide a list of ingredients used in the cleaning supplies that they will be using.

Check for Liability insurance

No matter how experienced the professional cleaners are, accidents and other unfortunate events may occur while they do their work. Hence, it is important to make sure that the service providers or the person cleaning your property have insurance. This way, you will not be liable in case they get hurt.

Provides excellent customer service

When possible, look for cleaning services providers that are known for having excellent customer service. In some cases, setting appointments can be challenging, especially if you are managing more than one property. Hence, it is crucial to find a service provider who is accommodating and can communicate well, especially in addressing concerns about the services they offer.


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