Common Types of Electrical Emergencies

November 25th, 2022
Emirates Hills

No matter the size, damages to your electrical systems are dangerous. No matter how busy you are, it’s best to address such issues immediately by contacting your trusted electrical maintenance company in Dubai.


Here are some of the most common types of electrical emergencies:

Power outages

Power outages, also known as blackouts or power failures are the most common emergency. They may be caused by a variety of reasons including a downed power line, a storm, a shortage of energy, etc.

Turn off the power source for appliances powered by a circuit breaker and try to locate or identify the cause of the outage. Once this is done, report it to your distributor or contact any of the facility management companies in Dubai that oversee the property.

Burnt outlets

Burnt outlets are another common electrical emergency. They are often Overloaded circuits and old, outdated wiring is usually to blame.

Unplug the appliances or devices plugged to the outlet. If it’s safe to do so, cut the power supply in that area of the facility. This can help prevent further damage to your electrical systems and lessen the risk of injuries. Call your trusted handyman Dubai or your facility managers at Tool Time so they can address the issue. If you sustain any burns or other injuries, seek treatment immediately.

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are often caused by overloading, faulty or exposed wiring, or when flammable objects are placed near a light bulb. Electrical fires are probably one of the most dangerous emergencies if not detected and addressed immediately.

Assess the situation before getting close to any electrical fire. When possible, cut off the power supply and put out the fire using a fire extinguisher (rated Class-C, Class-A if the power supply has been cut). Contact the fire brigade, as well as your facility manager and request emergency home maintenance to get all systems checked. Evacuate the area and only return once cleared by authorities.

Fallen power lines

Extreme weather conditions may cause damage to various infrastructures, including power lines. Fallen power lines pose a serious threat to life and property. Hence, they should be dealt with immediately and with extreme caution.

If you come across a fallen power line, make sure not to touch anything that is in contact with it. Call local authorities as soon as you can so they can deal with the fallen power lines and avoid further damage.


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