Ductless vs Centralized AC Systems for Your Home

January 13th, 2023
living room with AC

When replacing the air conditioning system in your home, you need to investigate your options and carefully consider which type will be more beneficial for you. If you’re working with a facility management company in Dubai, they can provide you with valuable advice in choosing the right air conditioning system for your property.

If you’re looking into AC services or new air conditioning options for your home, you may have come across the term’s ductless mini splits and centralized air conditioning. Here’s what you need to know about these systems:


Ductless mini splits

As the name implies, ductless mini-split air conditioning systems do not require ductwork or evaporator units in the attic. These units use thin copper tubing to pump refrigerant from the compressor and condenser outside, directly into wall-mounted blowers located in your home. They can also function as a heat pump during colder months, allowing you to have a cooling and heating system in your home.

If you’re in charge of facility management and you have several rooms that are not used all at once, this may be the ideal option for the property. This type of air conditioning gives you better control over the temperature of specific rooms without having to cool the entire house. Maintenance and AC repair in Dubai is also much easier with these units.


Centralized air conditioning system

Centralized air conditioning systems cool air in a central location. Unlike ductless units, they use an outside (usually located in the attic) processor and condenser system. These work together to cool air, which is then circulated throughout your home via a series of fans and ductwork. Once the air inside your home gets warmer, the process is repeated to keep your home at a constant, cool temperature all day long.

If you prefer an aesthetically pleasing option, this is the ideal choice for you. Unlike other types, the ductwork is mostly behind walls, so the system is almost invisible inside your home. The system provides a constant, cool temperature in every room throughout your home and keeps recirculating cooler air if the unit is switched on. Ensuring proper installation and AC duct cleaning, requires professional services, as they have experience and the right tools to get the job done efficiently.

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