Importance of AC Coil Cleaning and Maintenance

February 12th, 2023
AC Coil cleaning

AC Coil Cleaning in Dubai, Air conditioners have two coils that have refrigerant running through them. The evaporator coil located in the air handler unit absorbs the heat and humidity and the condenser coil which releases excess heat from your property to the outdoors.


Without AC coil cleaning, the dirt and grime covering air conditioning coils act as an insulator that inhibits heat transfer, causing your unit to run longer and hotter to cool the room. Since it requires more pressure to achieve the same level of cooling (when the cools are new and clean), it may cause a significant increase in your electric bills and more wear/damage to your HVAC system.


Here’s why simple cleaning and maintenance are a must:


Increase cooling efficiency and longer lifespan

Regular coil and AC duct cleaning helps maintain the efficiency of the cooling system in your home. If your systems are not forced to work hard to reach a certain temperature, they can last much longer. This means that you won’t have to worry too much about having to replace units often.


Reduce electric bills

As mentioned above, any dirt, grime, dust, and oxidation blocking your condenser coils can cause the system to work harder. Since your air conditioning unit needs more pressure to achieve a specific temperature, it will consume more electricity – causing a significant increase in your electric bill which could have been avoided if the coils were cleaned regularly.


It is highly recommended that you reach out to the facility management company in Dubai which is in charge of your property as soon as you notice irregularities in the performance of your air conditioning unit, including unpleasant noise or odor and taking too long to cool the room.


Avoid costly repairs

Extensive damage to your air conditioning unit may require costly repairs. Hence, it is crucial to have your units serviced regularly for cleaning and maintenance. Not many property owners understand its importance, but those who have been in charge of facility management and upkeep know that simple cleaning of coils and various systems in the house contributes a lot to preventing damages that may require expensive repair jobs or unit replacement.


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