Importance of Regular Water Tank Cleaning

August 8th, 2022
Importance of Regular Water Tank Cleaning

Water tanks easily accumulate dirt due to humidity. If this issue is not addressed though your trusted maintenance company in Dubai, you may end up using dirty or contaminated water which may lead to a range of health concerns.

As you may already know, facility management Dubai is crucial in keeping the property in the best condition. This includes making sure that all systems and appliances are clean and working properly.


Regulations in Dubai recommend cleaning water takes at least once a year. Below are some of the reasons why it is important to schedule home maintenance services Dubai and water tank cleaning regularly:

Dirty tanks promote the growth of bacteria

It is general knowledge that a dirty water tank is a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful elements. Unclean tanks make your water supply more susceptible to various contaminants such as dirt, molds, and/or silt deposits.

Unclean water supply

Whether it’s drinking water or any water you use for various purposes, contaminated water may lead to a range of health concerns if left unchecked. Drinking contaminated water may cause stomach aches and other conditions caused by bacteria such as cholera, diarrhea, lead poisoning, and typhoid. Contaminated water may cause skin irritation and dryness when absorbed by the skin. In case you or anyone on the premises are experiencing symptoms related to those conditions, contact your trusted FM company Dubai immediately to get your water tested and the tank checked.

Interrupt filtration processes

Even if you have water filters installed, the filtration processes are ineffective if your water tank is dirty. No matter how effective the filters may be, it will mean nothing if the filtered water is stored in a dirty container. Hence, cleaning the water tank is still crucial in preventing water contamination.

Reduce maintenance cost

Keeping the tank clean can help prevent the damage caused by the build-up of dirt. This ultimately helps in reducing the repair and maintenance costs for your property. You will only need the help of property maintenance companies in Dubai for routine checks and repairs and you won’t have to worry too much about having to replace the tank for years.


Whether you need assistance in getting your water tank cleaned or need assistance in facility management, Tool Time LLC offers complete facility management solutions for commercial and residential environments. Our team’s knowledge and expertise ensure the effective maintenance of essential systems such as power, lighting, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, and water. Round-the-clock corrective and preventative maintenance services are controlled by our 24-hour helpdesk, allowing Tool Time Dubai to respond to your maintenance and repair requirements as soon as possible.