Preparing for UAE Winter Rains: Common Home Repairs

January 31st, 2023
Home maintenance company in Dubai

Home maintenance company in Dubai: Without proper preparation, severe weather conditions can cause a lot of damage to property. For example, heavy rains during the winter can cause dripping walls and leaking pipes. While these issues can be addressed with emergency home maintenance, it’s still recommended to take preventive measures to lessen the damage.

Here are some common repairs you need to do to prepare for rainstorms during winter:

Waterproof outdoor lights and electronics

Outdoor lights and electronics are prone to damage in almost any season. Hence, it’s best to use waterproof lights that are built to last longer than regular ones. You can use electrical or rubber tape to prevent moisture from seeping in and protective covers to increase their lifespan. Whether you’re using regular or waterproof electronics, regular electrical maintenance in Dubai can help ensure that your electronics are in good working condition. It also lessens the risk of accidents caused by damaged electronics.

Roof maintenance and repair

Your roof protects the interior of your home from the sun, rain, wind, and other elements. Since it is exposed to extreme conditions, it is also more prone to damage. Repairs to these damages can be costly, especially if the issues are not addressed immediately.

Before the heavy rains start, contact your trusted provider of handyman services to get your roof checked. If they find any damages or signs of wear and tear, have them repaired as soon as possible.

Clean pipes and roof gutters

Proper facility management, including having your pipes and gutters checked before the rainy season is a good preventive measure to avoid leaking pipes and other damages caused by seeping moisture.

During the rainy season, it is important to have your gutters cleaned weekly to prevent clogs that may cause damage. Contact your service provider who specializes in plumbing in Dubai to fix leakage problems or plumbing issues as soon as you notice any irregularities in your plumbing system.

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