Types of Water Filters and How they Work

October 7th, 2022
drinking water from the tap

Water is essential for one’s survival. Whether it’s for drinking, bathing, cleaning, or any other purpose, it is important to make sure that the water you’re using is clean. If you detect something unusual with your water, reach out to your trusted provider of property maintenance Dubai to have your water filters checked.


In case you’re moving to a new property with no water filter installed or you’d like to change the existing filter, there are several filtration types you should consider. If you’re not familiar with your options, you may consult with your trusted service provider of European facility management in Dubai.


Carbon has a huge internal surface which is full of nooks and crannies that can trap chemical impurities, making it highly effective in filtering water-borne contaminants. Because of this, it is often used for the water filtration type known as “Absorption”.

Some of the most common filters contain granular activated carbon which reduces unwanted tastes and odors through absorption. Some of the more expensive filters use carbon block elements that are usually more effective for particle removal.


Mechanical filtration is the process of removing sediment, dirt, or any particles in the water using a barrier. Mechanical filters can be made from anything, from a basic mesh that filters out large debris to a ceramic filter with an extremely complex pore structure to ensure the filtration of pathogenic organisms that may be present in the water. Depending on the filter that is already installed in your home, facility management companies in Dubai may recommend changing filter types or adding another filter if you are currently using mechanical filters.

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a process that removes dissolved inorganic solids from water by forcing it through a semipermeable membrane under pressure, allowing the water to through while most of the contaminants are filtered out.

This type of filter is one of the most effective ways of purifying water. It is often combined with several other filters like absorption and mechanical filter to ensure that there are almost no contaminants left.


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