Air Conditioning Services

When you have a problem with your AC you need a reliable AC Services or Repair service to help get it fixed so you can stay cool during those brutal summer months. When you call us, you are getting a very professional and competent air conditioning service provider at your doorstep.

We can offer the following air conditioning related services:

Among our above mentioned list of services related to your AC system the AC maintenance servicing is definitely the basic and essential service, which would allow your AC unit to keep performing at its best for a longer life span.

We are a facility management company which can easily take care of your AC services in Dubai. We are one of the few HVAC maintenance companies in Dubai. Your requirement of having an AC maintenance company in Dubai available 24/7 will be met with our annual maintenance contract, which also includes AC duct cleaning Dubai.
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By design, air conditioning units are complex, consisting of many delicate and interdependent components. When one component fails or underperforms, the rest of the system is affected. For this reason, having regular, Tool Time LLC maintenance is critical.

Among other benefits, having a robust maintenance schedule runs by AC maintenance Tool Time LLC professionals ensures:

Better Energy Efficiency

During the maintenance visits, our AC maintenance Tool Time LLC technicians check for issues such as dirty condenser coils, closed air filters and other malfunctions that make your AC unit work extra hard hence consuming lots of energy per cycle.

Longer Operational Life

Your originally installed AC unit could be among top of the range quality brands and models designed to serve you for a long period. However, even the best unit may fail midway if proper maintenance is not observed. Our experts will help you fix problematic components and give your unit a much longer operational life.

Better Air Quality

Our AC maintenance company Tool Time LLC professionals prioritize indoor air quality. During our maintenance rounds, we check for indicators of poor air quality such as dusty filters. Our comprehensive maintenance service helps reduce internal AC system deficiencies and guarantees you that everyone in your home is breathing cleaner air.

Lower Overall Repair Costs

Subscribing to a routine maintenance service will help you reduce instances of unannounced AC breakdowns. Damaged and worn-down parts are proactively identified, and their immediate replacement recommended. Cleaning of filters and condensers also extends their useful life and minimizes the need for replacements.

AC maintenance service is our forte and attending to service requests from our Dubai customers is our absolute pleasure. We have a dynamic checklist that we update regularly which ensures that every bit of your AC is checked.

Below the areas we check:

  • Condenser coils for any accumulated dirt and debris
  • The suction line to ascertain proper fitting
  • Refrigerant for any leaks
  • Blower motor amperage and voltage
  • Electrical wiring connections
  • Fan blades
  • Service valves

We don’t compete on AC maintenance pricing rather on the quality of service we offer. Our tune-ups are truly effective and comprehensive with every minute we spend accounted for. On average, our professionals take anywhere from 60-90 minutes per AC unit to individually inspect every component listed on our maintenance checklist.

Get your Dubai AC unit inspected now while you have the time!

There is nothing that can replace the amazing feeling of walking into a well air-conditioned home during the summer months. On the flip side, there is nothing worse than when the air conditioner decides to call it quits in the middle of July the day before family or friends are supposed to visit. Rather than hoping your AC unit is ready for the dog days of summer, why not schedule a routine maintenance check to put your mind at rest? Scheduling regular maintenance for your HVAC system will save you from exponentially costlier repairs in the future and extend the life of your unit. Our expert technicians will go through our multi-points AC Tune-Up and Cleaning, which includes:


AC Checklist

  • Inspection & cleaning of filters.
  • Checking & cleaning of electrical components.
  • Checking of compressor performance and functionality (irregular noise, vibration and proper suction, if any)
  • Washing of condenser coils (outside).
  • Checking of condenser and evaporation fins;
  • Cleaning of drain lines.
  • Checking refrigerant gas pressure, topping up of refrigerant gas (gas charge at extra cost).
  • Checking of AC motors components like fans and belts.
  • Checking and adjustment of fan motor pulley alignment and lubrication of fan motors and fan bearings.
  • Checking temperature in the rooms.