Electrical Services

Rest Easy with Regular Electric Checks
When it comes to caring for your electrical system, a little goes a long way, especially when you are looking for an Electrical Services or maintenance company in Dubai. By incorporating a few weekly, monthly, and annual key tasks, you can help ensure your electrical systems are being used efficiently.
Adding some preventative maintenance into your home care routine helps in more ways than one. It can save you money, keep bigger issues from going unchecked, and provide that priceless peace of mind all homeowners want.

What does electrical maintenance include?
Electrical services or maintenance is the process of ensuring that electrical equipment is kept in good working order. It includes inspecting, testing, and repairing electrical equipment as necessary to prevent problems that could lead to a loss of power or an electrical fire.

Why electrical maintenance is required?
It’s essential to keep your electrical devices and appliances clean and well-maintained. Electrical maintenance of your equipment/machinery helps prevent incidents that cause injury and ensures that all components in your electric system work efficiently.

We are a facility management company which can easily take care of your electrical maintenance in Dubai. Your requirement of having an electrician in Dubai available 24/7 will be met with our annual maintenance contract.
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Many homeowners take their electrical system for granted if it works consistently and reliably. Don’t forget, though, that preventative measures and regular maintenance will help you avoid safety mishaps.

Residential electrical fires are common and result in hundreds of injuries and millions in property damage each year, but frequent and thorough routine inspections using a home maintenance checklist will maintain your home’s electrical system safe and in good working conditions.


Long story short, if you follow this simple electrical preventive maintenance checklist, you can make sure that the system will continue to work for years to come. Plus, it will help extend the life of the system and prevent a lot of issues, which will save you a lot of money on extensive repairs.

  • Inspection of main and sub DB panels and breakers for proper voltage & operation of status bulbs and cleaning of panels
  • Check circuit breaker, different voltage at power socket for correct earth connection and major current load for all phases.
  • Visual checking of water heaters.
  • Testing of exhaust fans.

Start from Main DB.

Frayed wires inside or outside of your house can potentially cause shocks or fires.

Inspect your electrical distribution board (DB) – breakers panel and remove dust or any debris. Panel doors should be in working condition, open it and examine its interior, checking for any burning odors, looking for any burned or scorched areas. An electrician will check all wiring is properly tight, main MCB condition are good and all others components like ELCBs and other safety devices are in proper working status. If your system is outdated: he will advise you about what to add/replace in order to add a proper layer of protection against fires by monitoring electrical currents.

Inspect your switches and outlets.

An electrician should examine any outlets that are warm to the touch or discolored in the area where you insert a plug. An outlet is malfunctioning if plugged-in items are not powering on.

All of your electrical outlets near water sources should have a ground fault circuit interrupter (bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room). Your electrician should double-check switchgears, insulators, supports or connectors for any sign of cracking, broken pieces or for any damage. Check if automatic and manual all switches are in working condition.

Inspect circuits and breakers.

A professional should inspect breakers that are continuously tripping. All of your circuits should also be properly grounded. Check for insulation, any deterioration, cracking or overheating.  A circuit consists of wires that transport electrical current to lights and appliances, so there should be a ground wire in your home.

Check interior & exterior lighting.

A visual inspection of all the lights to make sure function properly and change if not working

Electric Motors check for unusual noises, leaking seals or high vibration.

We cater to all main residential areas of Dubai and our electricians are the go-to inspectors for residential and commercial services. If you need assistance with your home maintenance checklist, contact us.