Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services, Burst pipes and hidden leaks can cause severe damage to your home. Untreated plumbing leaks can damage walls or floors and lead to other issues like structural damage, mold, and problems with your electrical system.

Unexpected plumbing issues and water loss can also leave a big dent in your budget, hence our service to provide an emergency plumber and best plumbing services in Dubai.


Benefits of Plumbing Preventative Maintenance
Did you know that the best solution to help catch small leaks and other issues before they become big problems is through regular inspection of your plumbing? A plumbing preventative maintenance plan or one of our AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts) can help you stop wasting water and protect your home.

Within our facility management offer, we are also engaging as a plumbing company in Dubai. Your requirement of having a plumber Dubai available 24/7 will be met with our annual maintenance contract.
Read more below to familiarize yourself with our plumbing services.

Check Drains & P-Traps
Inspect all drainage points if drainage is slower than usual that is a symptom of clogging. Use drain opener to clean the debris which clogging the drainage.

Check all noticeable pipes’ corrosion
Visually inspect all the pipes for any corrosion if find suggest or replace the pipe to avoid any future leak.

Water Heater inspection
Check for rusted heater’s pipes and replace the anode rod if required, also check pressure relief valve.

Visual Checking of water leaks
Inspect washrooms and kitchen sinks to check any possible leak and also check for leakage signs on walls or ceiling or in basement.

Maintain Your Water Tank System & Sewer Line
Inspect DEWA lines from main supply line to water storage tank. Keep water tank clean as per Dubai Municipality guidelines, Check sewer lines and perform regular sewer tank cleaning to avoid debris accumulation.

Check all washroom & kitchen faucets
Inspect washrooms and kitchen sinks faucet and change if necessary.

Your daily life relies on a fully functioning plumbing system. However, attempting to maintain these sometimes-complicated systems yourself can be challenging, and when things go wrong, costs can quickly add up. That’s why you need a service plan that covers all your plumbing needs.

Learn more about Tool Time LLC Plan Preventive Maintenance by calling us today. Or contact Us on our website to know more about this service. When it comes to managing your plumbing needs, you need a partner that can be there 24/7, ready for any emergency need!

Everything needs maintenance over time. Plumbing is no different. And, like a car getting its oil changed, your home needs its plumbing inspected and checked —at least on a once-a-year basis. Dubai Homeowners who neglect this maintenance can expect leaks, clogs, rising water costs and a spike in water heating costs. They also run the risk of needing an emergency plumbing repair when something goes wrong. Don’t let this happen to you. Get an annual home plumbing maintenance plan from your local Dubai plumber—and put your mind at ease.

Plumbing by Tool Time LLC is here to help. We offer an annual plan that takes care of all your home plumbing maintenance in one convenient visit per year. We will inspect and check everything, fix any leaks, tune up your water