Water Filtration

Water Filtration Systems for Residential Use

child drinking water from the tap

Tool Time LLC provides different types of water treatment system solutions according to your needs:

Clean and Safe Water throughout your entire home!

Commonly, water is not necessarily safe for consumption or use direct from the tank as it may hold dirty particles and contaminants such as chlorine. Protect your family and children from unsafe water with an advanced whole villa Water Filtration System. Such a system will purify all incoming water to your home.
High-quality water is not only important, but also vital to your life. Pure water can help the body develop stronger nails, shinier hair, recover from illness quicker, and absorb nutrients better.
An advanced whole villa Water Filtration System will also assist rinsing away soap build up more effectively from skin and hair. In addition, it has also shown helpful assisting to alleviate skin conditions like acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

Benefits of Water Filtration

Food Preparation

Food and beverages taste better removes objectionable chlorine taste and odour.

Healthy Bath & Shower

Removes harmful contaminants from water and provides fresh softened water for bathing and showering.

Protect your Clothes

Effectively wash with softer water and less detergent, keeping your clothes cleaner and brighter.

Home Appliances

Soft water will help your appliances to last longer and protect them from sediments, hence saving you money.


Protect your loved pets from toxic chemicals keeping them in great health.


Removes unwanted chemicals, contaminants and will help houseplants grow faster and healthier.

Help the environment, protect your health, save money while getting pure drinking water from your tap

On average, a UAE resident uses 450 plastic water bottles per year which represents almost three times the global average, resulting in an annual consumption of four billion plastic bottles. 40% of all plastic in the country is unfortunately single use.

Plastic is destroying the environment, though we are part of the problem, we can also be part of the solution by stopping the use of plastic bottles and using filters instead.

In addition, avoiding the use of bottled water while consuming water from advanced filter systems can reduce carbon footprint by 72%!

Water filtration systems produce not only healthier water than normal tap water, but they are also more cost-effective than bottled water.

A whole villa Water Filtration System solution will help you to save money. The cost for a filtration machine is a worthy one-time investment. Our systems have long lifespans, which means they will pay for themselves quickly.
From best reverse osmosis water purifier to chilled water filter machines, which produce still and sparkling water, we can provide you the most suitable and healthy water filter system through different types of water filter solutions according fitted to your needs.

Don’t forget that “We are what we eat”. Well, this is somewhat true, but a better statement would be, “We are what we drink”. Considering the human body consists of 70% water!